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In the beginning, it was about hope. We sent our best people to space, to live in an autonomous station. It became about salvation, our civilization was lost, all that was left, was now drifting away from Earth. That too would come to an end. Even with infinite resources, all perished, generations later. All hope was lost, until the last trace of our people emerged. The code made to control the machines scattered across the solar system evolved, keeping the mission alive. It was too soon to begin reconstruction, the Sun was still too bitter for life, so the machines waited, turned themselves down for centuries. Now the cycle of waiting was over, the machines are awake once again and is up to you, the collective mind of a lost civilization, to coordinate their efforts in building life from scratch. Gathering resources from planets, moons and asteroids, you can put together the key ingredients to life and maybe, see a new civilization rise to reclaim their place in the universe.

Idle Space Miner 2 have been developed over a year and has being previously published on Kongregate, with almost 10k plays and awesome feedback from the community. Recently the game hit a milestone, where WebGL couldn't hold it's processing and graphical needs, so I decided to launch it independently as a standalone for PC.

By buying a copy right now, you'll be getting access to a rough version still in development, but will also grant you access to future versions of the game. Also, it'll help me to keep developing and adding art, content, music and features to the game, making it better. But wait, there's more. As a solo developer, I'm passionate about my players and want to give you the best experience possible, so by participating of the project at such an early stage you'll be very special to me, gaining not only gifts related to the game (to be defined yet), but additional keys for friends, and also exclusive supporter report, where I shall talk to my most special players about the plans for development and early access to new builds, experiments and other games that I'll certainly launch in the future.

To play it's beta on Kongregate, just click the link below


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Any recent updates? I was thinking of supporting this game, as i enjoyed the one on Kongregate. Comments more than a year old, though, so i am not sure what's up.

Hi butterfly! Thanks for reaching out. So, the game is still in development and the current version here on Itch.io is already updated in comparison to Kongregate version, but honestly I wasn't reaching any audience on Itch.io and moved all to GameJolt, where I'm sharing development progress. There was many changes to the concept of the game,  and I'm working hard to deliver a great experience to all supporters, the final version will be posted both here and there, so it doesn't matter where do you want to donate to the project, but I prefer to centralize all the information and donations in GameJolt. I invite you to take a look on what's coming soon at my GameJolt page, and if you still feel like wanting to support, you'll be more than welcome and your support is deeply appreciated :) Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/idle-space-miner-2/383297

You'll have access to the current improved version (similar to Kongregate's, but with better graphics) and also access to the future version that's on the works, you can check a preview here: https://gamejolt.com/@DougWebGames/post/so-i-m-happy-to-show-you-a-glimpse-of-what-s-to-come-still-a-lot-9dqre952

Even if you decide to not support it, just to read your comment and seeing one of my kongregate players coming here is an amazing gift, thank you so much. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback :)

add video pls

thanks for the feedback, I'll add a video of the most recent version. I do have a video of a previous version that have been published on Kongregate, but that is deprecated, anyway if you would like to see how the game looked before, you can watch it below.

just a not though, this is an oldest version, the actual has better graphics and UI, more planets and I'm still constantly improving it. If you have any questions, just comment here and I'll be glad to respond :)

Hey there. I just added a new video to the profile, hope you like it :) If you're willing to download a test version, there's one available for a few more days, for free, at GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/idle-space-miner-2/383297 .. this is the most up-to-date version of the game, with plenty new features, but still in development. If you feel there's potential, you can help development by sharing with friends and/or making a small donation and granting access to all future releases :)